My News Photos to Close

Effective January 31, 2019 MyNewsPhotos will cease operations. All orders in house at that time will be printed and shipped on schedule. The online galleries will be shut down on that date. We are providing this advance notice to allow our partner papers to remove the link on their website to their MNP gallery. 
Thank you for being a MyNewsPhotos partner paper and good luck in the future.
The MyNewsPhotos Team



Why add online newspaper photo reprint fulfillment?

  • Increased Revenue Turn your publication’s photo assets in to cash. Even the images that didn’t make the print edition can be put to work online helping to cover the news and generate revenue. With no monthly or annual fees you make money sooner,20396
  • Happier Readers. Good content is king and photos are great content.
  • More Visitors. Increase visits to your online edition.
Just want to say how happy we are about our partnership with you on this project. First weekend up and running, we’ve already had two orders for reprints. It is already successful! This service saves us time and meets our readers’ desire to own a bit of the good news that they see each week in our paper. Thanks for working with (us) on all the details.
Matthew Gambino, Director and General Manager
The Catholic Standard and Times, Philadelphia, PA
So easy I thought I was doing something wrong!
I’ll get everyone going on it today…thanks”

Julie Bergman


  • Track Readers. Our Free web photo tracking reports lets you know how many readers are visiting your online photos on a subject by subject basis.
  • Loyal Readers. Increase page views and time spent with the online edition.
  • New Revenue-Full Page Reprints. Offer museum quality, Full Page Reprints from every page of every edition with no uploading.
“Thank you for putting these pictures online for purchase.  It is nice to get to see so many pictures of our community…especially those I missed the first time around!”
A.B. Ohio

  • Fewer Headaches. Solves all the problems of taking orders, payment, printing, packaging, shipping and postage.
  • Prestige. Respected newspapers, magazines, school newspapers and yearbooks around the USA and Canada are adding this service for readers.
  • No Website? No Problem. We have an easy solution for newspapers with no website.

Why choose Why Should MNP be my photo reprint outsource partner?

  • No Monthly fees. We make a percentage of your sales. You set your own prices so how much you make depends on you.
  • Easy to start and easy to follow through every issue using the One Step Uploader. It’s free in both MAC and PC versions. And now the new Anywhere Uploader–send photos to your online gallery from any computer with an internet connection–no software to install.
This is a belated thank you to you and Jack for all your help and patience with getting your service up and running on my paper’s Web site. It really was a joy working with y’all, especially considering the experience I had with that other (non)service. I’m looking forward to a long, lucrative relationship. Thanks again!”
M. T.   Mississippi
  • Branded online photo gallery and sales tools.
  • We provide FREE  storage of  an unlimited number your publication’s active photo albums.
  • Track each photographers’ sales and automatically add photo credit to every image.
  • Optional advertising revenue program.
  • Seamless integration to your publication’s current web site.  And YOUR newspaper’s name only appears on the photo reprint fulfillment site.
  • Your publication chooses the products to offer; including the option to offer high res and low res downloads.
  • Publications set the prices.  Typically, keep 40 to 60% of every sale.
  • Easy access for readers. View images with no log in required. Click Here to see a Demo Album
  • We add value to your photo products by including a “Certificate of Authenticity”.
  • No charge, custom designed, copyright watermark protection of images.
  • Quick Shipping. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.
  •  Redundancy. Only MyNewsPhotos has 2 separate power sources feeding 5 printers so that regardless fire, flood, local power outage or equipment downtime, your readers’ orders get out on time.
  • Simple and fair shipping charges…No shipping “Gotcha!” (recently sited as online shopping’s biggest turnoff)
  • We handle all your readers reprint questions and requests with customer service phone and email support.
Thanks much.
You have great customer service.  Being able to get to someone who can solve a problem and give a response is awesome. There are tons of companies out there who need your kind of operation.”

  • We are a full-time, wholesale, digital photo lab. Printing and shipping photos is what we do. Not just a marketing company that will have your readers’ orders printed by the lowest bidder.
  • We use Quality Kodak Paper for all photos 12×18 inches and under.
  • Our parent company, Showalter Imaging Group, is one of America’s first overnight color photo labs. We have been crafting color prints for publications since 1966. Learn more About Us
  • Free, Professional quality, ready-to-use house ads. House Ad Library
  • Quick start up. Call  (540)478-5556 today and start tomorrow. Or email

Why upload photos that didn’t make the print edition?

  • Build Morale. Staff Photographers want the public to see more of their work  than the few photographs that are in the print edition.
  • More Sales. Turns unused images into income
  • More Readers. More content means more readers of your online edition and those readers spend more time with your online edition.
  • Tell the whole story. More photos mean a more accurate and complete dissemination of the news story. Think of it as having an unlimited supply of ink and newsprint.

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