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This page contains the marketing wisdom we share every few weeks in email with our partners, newspapers just like yours. You may notice much of it comes from the best practices of other newspapers. If you have a marketing idea that's working for you please share it with us, email


Welcome to MyNewsPhotos. We are pleased to be your partner in using your photo assets to further engage your readers, generate traffic to your website – and generate cash.

Just signing up with MyNewsPhotos will do none of the above unless the program is properly promoted. We will be in touch with you over the coming months with ideas of how to use your new tools in ways that help you achieve your public relations and revenue goals.

Most importantly as you get started is to have a “grand opening” promotion using the same size ads and same frequency you would recommend to a client of yours who is introducing a new service. You will find fully-produced house ads at under the tab titled HOUSE AD LIBRARY. We further suggest you replace the photos in the house ads with actual photos that have run in the paper.

Next, be sure to use the “Big Blue Button” icon as the link from your website. It will match the house ads and visually assist your readers in locating your albums on the website.

Finally, (at least for this message) use a cut line below the photos you publish in print that clearly says “For more pictures from [the event] go to and click on the Blue Button. This will drive more traffic to your site than any other promotion you have ever run for it, guaranteed!

Welcome to our family. Remember, we are not your “vendors”, we are your marketing partners. Call on us any time.



Generally the sale of pictures generates far more revenue than any banner ad revenues you can derive from a site. This suggests that making the Big Blue Button immediately visible will help sales.

Newspapers who have higher sales generally position the Big Blue Button “above the fold” – so the visitor does not have to scroll down to find it. Make it easy for them to see, makes it more likely they will buy!

This is just one in a long series of little “boosters” we will send you to continually improve your success with your photo program.



Deadlines are a part of the business.

You have press deadlines to meet and racks to fill. Uploading pictures to your website can wait – but it shouldn't. You will find that readers – especially if they know you had a photographer at an event – will want to see the photos right away. That interest and emotion will drive traffic to your site – and generate more picture sales. The product is "hot".

This is easier than you might think. Your photographers have to sort and review (and, hopefully, rotate) their images anyway. They are going to file them on a hard drive anyway. Setting up an album takes 15 seconds. The only thing left is to drag and drop the file to the MyNewsPhotos uploader. It is as simple as dragging, dropping and going to lunch. When you return, all the pictures will be on your site!

Since it is so simple, put the pictures up sooner, rather than later. Doing so will generate more interest and more sales.


I recently attended a Professional Photographers Convention where the speaker described his transition from film to digital. Only he was not talking about the technical differences, he was talking about the financial commitment.

He figured changing to the digital equipment he needed would cost him about $14,000. He found that money in his file drawer.

Professional photographers always retain the negatives from the weddings they shoot. Brides rarely order more pictures after the flurry after the wedding, but photographers hold the negatives “just in case”.

The speaker described a program he created where the brides from the last 10 years of weddings could buy their full set of negatives for $100 – or they would be destroyed in the natural program of housekeeping the photographer employs.

He raised over $15,000 in about three weeks.

There is every possibility that you have many years of photographs in your files and closets. This is a great time to drag them out, scan them (or we have a scanning service at $25 per 100 images) and put them in albums by year or decade or however makes sense to your readers. This might be a great job for that intern who has a little extra time.

Old pictures create conversation – perhaps editorial opportunities. They also create sales.


Hello again. Hopefully your readers have seen your grand opening ad
and you have noticed increased traffic to the site. Even more
hopefully, they have ordered some pictures.

Even if they have not done so yet, do not get concerned. There is
usually a period of settling in that people need before they start
ordering products. And, you know as well as we that frequency is
the second part of any effective advertising campaign.

Just to be clear, you are not limited to posting pictures that your are
currently taking. You may post any pictures in your archives, too.

Just make it easy for your readers to find the pictures when they get
to your gallery. For example, if you are writing a story about an upcoming football
rivalry game, put a reference to photos from previous years' games to
be located at the Big Blue Button on your website. Remind the reader
of your URL in the copy.

Also remember that the first photo you put in an album is the “cover
shot” of the album. Careful selection of an exciting or interesting
image will increase click-thru rates – and sales!

September 2008

Welcome to this month’s look at the most popular photos of this month last year.

1- Football, football and more football. Far and away the most popular category
of photo ordered was football. But not just the players, band members, cheer-
leaders and even fans were preserved for generations to come. A daily paper in
saw success in capturing images of fans. So remind your photographers to capture
all the moments of those games. People will want to see them and buy them.

2- County Fairs. Many areas are still having their fairs, don’t miss this opportunity
to show off your fair.

3- Baseball/Softball/Little League pictures.

4- Soccer. It certainly does show the increased popularity of the sport in the.
Not covering local soccer matches in your market? Maybe you should and
when you go, hand out cards letting attendees know to go to your website
and look for the pictures.

5- Track and other running events.

6- We had a tie for the number 6 slot, Volleyball and Golf.

This is the beginning of the busiest time of year at your offices and the busiest time
of year for photo sales. If you want to maximize the revenue possibilities make sure
you are uploading on a timely basis. Do not let your print edition hit the streets
without photos being uploaded. Run House Ads and mention the extra photos on
the web site in the cut lines of the print edition. This will increase page views and
sales for you.

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