Tips to Max Revenue

Getting the Most out of Your Publication’s Photos

•Upload ALL the images shot at an event. This is at the very heart of the best way to use your new revenue tool. Many of the benefits of MyNewsPhotos come from showing readers images they didn’t see in the publication.

•Keep the prices up. Bear in mind that you are not just offering photos. These photos were taken by a professional. Many have been published. And all are being printed in a professional quality photo lab. Amateur processing drugstore prices simply do not apply.

•Alongside every uploaded photo published mention in the publication that additional photos can be seen online.32547[1]

•Run house ads in every edition informing readers that photos seen in your publication can be ordered online.

•Use the Big Blue Button in house ads and on promotional material to make it easy for readers to find your online photos.32546[1]

•Use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to promote your photo gallery. Be careful not to upload photos to the social network galleries and lose control of your images (not to mention the lost revenue).


•Online photo fulfillment is new to many people and they will only look for it the first time when they first want it. This means the message on where to go to see and order more photos must appear in every issue for best results.

•Keep your product selection to less than 25 items. Although we offer you many photo products for you to choose from, keep the choice to the reader at fewer than 25. Too many choices are overwhelming and can lead to frustrated readers.

•Add links to archive albums from current stories. As an example, the day of a big rivalry game run a link in the online version of the story that says “Click here to see photos from the last time these two teams met”

•Create an archive album of some of your publication’s all time best images and put a prominent link to it on your web site’s home page. “Our Readers 25 Favorite Photos”

•Feature one of your own staff writers offering photo tips and then an album link back to some of his/her best photos.

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